Buddha Bowls & Other Food Trends for 2018

Buddha Bowls & Other Food Trends for 2018

Regional flavours, personalised experiences, mindful eating, Buddha Bowls and Indian millets will dominate the food industry in 2018, according to the Godrej Food Trends 2018 report. The panellists include names like Chef Ajay Chopra, Chef Ashish Bhasin, Chef Michael Swamy, Chef Ranveer Brar and our very own Co-Founder Anagha Rajadhyaksha.

Buddha bowls are balanced as well as flavourful

Regional Indian Cuisines

Chefs and diners are all excited about North-Eastern flavours (74%). Garhwali cuisine (26%) and cuisine from Coorg (23%) also look like areas of great interest.

Global Cuisines

A deeper exploration of Meditteranean flavours will be seen, while we also explore Korean, Peruvian and Vietnamese cuisines.

Food Categories

Grains, specifically millets and flours thereof (74%) will be in focus. Spices (57%) have always flavoured our food but now they will come into their own. Artisanal bread and cheese will also be much sought-after.

Dessert Trends

There will be a strong preference for bite-sized portions (58%). Over 55% expect the trend of savoury notes in desserts (such as sea salt) to grow in 2018.

The Indian Food Industry

Food inspired by ethnic ingredients (67%) and health-inspired menus (48%) that support alternative lifestyles might be on the anvil this year. Experiential dining or pop-ups (38%) will be a win-win for food producers as well as consumers.

Global Trends

Hyper-local sourcing of local, seasonal and foraged foods (78%) will be a driving source for menus across the world. There will be greater demand for transparency and accountability (40%) from food businesses.

Cooking at Home

Cooking at home to eat more mindfully (100%) will be key this year, along with methods like air frying, grilling, baking and slow cooking.

Tea and coffee

Get ready to sip on floral teas (53%) and enjoy tea flavours in dishes (42%) and cocktails (42%). 2018 will be a great year for Indian indigenous coffees (70%) and nitro cold-brewed coffee (41%).

Alcoholic Beverages

Drinkers will be inclined towards locally brewed (58%), artisanal (47%) and house (42%) beers and spirits. However, old workhorses like gin (34%) and single malts (32%) will continue to be relevant.

Health and Nutrition

Buddha bowls, which comprise a balanced blend of vegetables, grains and protein, will be in favour this year. Local millets (100%) will also be the rage, along with superfoods like moringa, turmeric and wheat grass.

(Extracted from Godrej Food Trends 2018 Report)

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