Celebrating World Milk Day With The Most-Delicious Milk Recipes

Celebrating World Milk Day With The Most-Delicious Milk Recipes

Remember when your mother did not allow you to step out of the house without drinking a glass of milk? Also, do you remember hating it or loving it? For most of us, we just didn't enjoy drinking milk. But, then you gave into when she told you that it'll help your bones get stronger and you'll get taller! (To those half-truths that are mums loved telling us) Well, she wasn't entirely wrong.

Did you know that World Milk Day is celebrated every year on June 1st & why it's celebrated? Here are some interesting facts:

Milk was recognized as an important ingredient in the year 2000.

It was established by the Food and Agricultural Organisation for it to be recognized as global food and how dairy supports the livelihood of 1 billion people around the world.

Every year since milk is actively promoted for its benefits on your body and mind.

There's a theme every year for World Milk Day and this year it happens to its 20 anniversary.

Whether you love it or not, we bet there are more ways than one to consume milk. We're curating a list of all the delicious milk recipes that'll make you fall in love with milk yet again (if you aren't already)!

1. Milk Tart Recipe

Are you in a mood for a dessert? Because we have the perfect milk dessert for you. This recipe is a very popular South African dessert called Melktert. It is also made without the use of any eggs. Today seems like a perfect day to make this recipe.

2. Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla milkshake sounds like a yummy way to beat the heat. This recipe will make you want to drink this all day long! Go ahead, no one's judging.

3. Soan Papdi Milk

Soan Papdi and milk together? It sounds like a love story you've been waiting for. It is said that this is the easiest way to make your kid drink milk. Hmmm, sounds like something you should make every day. All you need is some Soan Papdi and milk and it doesn't need any added sugar too. Sounds like a treat right?

4. Masala Doodh

Keep aside your plain glass of milk and make Masala Milk instead. Why not add some masala in your life by adding some in your glass of milk? Trust me, you will thank us.

5. Rose Milk

This recipe of Rose Milk tastes like summer in your mouth. It's called Rose Milk for a reason, you have to have it Roz (every day). Get it? Nevermind.

6. Turmeric Latte

All of us run away from haldi doodh but you won't run away from this delicious Turmeric Latte recipe. Turmeric is good for your body and immunity. This recipe of Turmeric Latte will make you want to have it every day.

7. Oats and Almond Milkshake

They say a healthy body makes for a wealthy mind. A fantastic way to start your day with, this recipe is a perfect blend of healthy and yummy.

8. Spiced Hot Chocolate

Now that it is almost monsoons, a good hot chocolate recipe is something that you should absolutely add to your monotonous routine. Why not try this one and make your lockdown days better?

9. Pure Magic Milkshake

Pure Magic Milkshake is dreams made up of chocolate & milk! If you're a chocolate lover, this recipe is perfect to satiate your cravings & it's nothing like you've tasted before. Do give it a shot!

10. Coconut Milk Pudding

If you don't drink regular milk, that's okay. With this recipe, milk can be consumed by vegans too! You didn't think you needed this in your life but you did. This pudding will bring a smile to your face and your stomach.

Let's celebrate World Milk Day with these recipes! I wonder what we'd do without milk? It would mean a life without butter, paneer, cheese & cream! Now, that wouldn't have been a nice, right? Thank goodness for milk!

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