When Chef Shi Xilin Ate Five Vada Pavs In A Day

When Chef Shi Xilin Ate Five Vada Pavs In A Day

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Chef Shi Xilin loves Indian food. Chinese by origin, the chef de cuisine at By The Mekong, St Regis Mumbai is a shy and modest man. Over two decades of experience under his hat, he is the face of the kitchen that redefines traditional Asian cuisine in a contemporary manner in the city.

We chatted with Chef Shi Xilin recently about his love for Indian food and spices plus tips on cooking noodles perfectly.

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What is your favourite Indian dish?

Biryani. I also like masala dosa. I remember making biryani once for my friends and family, but it turned out more Chinese-y than Indian.

Do you have a Mumbai favourite dish?

Vada pav! I ate five vada pavs one day.

Have you ever tried Indian Chinese food?

Yes I enjoy it. I love Indian momos and chilli chicken.

Do you have a favourite Indian ingredient?

I like to cook with star anise, cinnamon and bay leaf. I also like Indian dried red chillies and find them more flavourful than the Chinese ones.

Can you give us a tip to cook noodles perfectly?

You must always put your noodles when the water is boiling. Simultaneously put some cold water at this stage. You can repeat the process twice for perfectly-cooked noodles.

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