Christmas Feast Classics

Christmas Feast Classics

Christmas is a time to feast. It is the time when families get together, either on the eve of Christmas or on the day of Christmas for lunch. Indulging in some amazing food. While Sweets often punctuate the meal, the main attraction of the meals are usually a perfectly cooked meat dish. Taking the center place on any feast table this star dish is usually savoury and packed with flavours. Here is a list of some of the traditional recipes that you can indulge in this Christmas.

roast chicken

Roast Chicken

Mention Christmas and it would be remiss to not talk about Roast Chicken. The star of any Sunday lunch with the family in the west, this dish is a Christmas favourite here. Usually marinated a day prior, sometimes put in a brine , this method to cook the bird , laves the meat absolutely tender. The Succulent meat that just falls of the bone is what Christmas feasting should be all about.

duck moile

Duck Moile

Duck Moile is a recipe that belongs to the East Indian Community. This classic dish that is made with the special bottle masala is absolutely delicious. Usually made with meat, Moiles are made with Duck during Christmas. Made with a blend of 36 fragrant spices the masala just perfumes the kitchen. The Duck is marinated over night and slow cooked to perfection. Here is the Recipe


A dish of Portuguese origin , Sorpotel is now made in almost each household in the Konkan and Goan regions. Sorpotel is a red meat curry that is a blend of spicy and sour flavours. The traditional goan recipe uses pork but the variations can be made using mutton or beef . This delicious curry is just a perfect dish to be the hero of the Christmas day lunch spread.

lamb curry

Lamb Curry

Beautifully spiced with chili and cinnamon, this lamb curry is just what the Christmas Feast spread needs. The curry is the right recipe to keep you warm this cold season. The curry can be consumed as is, as a stew or along with some rice or dry bread (perfect to soak in the curry). The Rogan Josh (another type of lamb curry) recipe calls for a yogurt based curry. However staying true to its coastal roots, this curry is made with a coconut base.

beef cutlets

Kerala Beef Cutlets

Another Christmas classic coming in from the Southern part of the country is the Kerala Beef Cutlet ( can be made with any other meat as well). The minced beef is spiced , then rolled into oval shape and is usually consumed as a side dish. Dipped in bread crumbs and fried to perfection , they make for a prefect snack.

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