Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas right around the corner, the one thing that stresses everyone out is Christmas shopping. Gifting is a huge Christmas Tradition. And with so many options available, both online and offline, we are truly spoilt for choice. So we thought we could help you streamline your search by sharing some of our favourites this holiday season. These kitchen / food related items are sure to please any foodies or cook that you intend to please. Click on the titles and shop away !

crockery hut

gold canisters

The Crockery Hut

From Golden Canisters to Quarter Plate sets , The Crockery Hut is a complete delight for a crockery lover.

Its the place where plating meets art.

With several funky patterns adorning their plates and bowls, its the perfect Gifting option.

The Golden Canister is perfect for storing small tidbits or as a office desk addition.


Koryo Candy Floss Maker

Nothing will excite the kids as much a cotton candy (candy floss) party. This Cotton candy maker is compact and fairly easy to use.

Available at a reasonable price it is the perfect appliance to impress kids and adults both.

Order online or just visit any Big Bazaar outlet in the city and you are sure to find the best gifting option.

Insta Cuppa Coffee Frother

Know a coffee lover ? Struggling to gift that person ? Well here is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. Instead of opting for store bought store bought coffee now your coffee loving friend can make store bought coffee at home. Its perfect as this Coffee (can be used for plain milk as well) frother , adds foam in just few seconds. Simple immerse the tiny blender into coffee and Ta- Da !


Matcha Tea

Tea Trunk - Matcha Brewing Kit

Tea Trunk makes artisanal teas that reflect the flavours of India.

These special teas are available in a variety of options , from chamomile to matcha.

But the Match Brewing kit is our personal favourite.

The kit takes away the mystique behind this tea. A complete rage in the health food industry, this kit comes with a stirrer that helps you drink this tea the correct way.


Food Inspired Trinkets from Nicobar

Nicobar's holiday Gifting options are vast. From the simple Anasi Bottle opener to the Talisman -Spice inspired- series , these trinkets are simply adorable.

While the Cheese Knives are an economic gifting option the Brass Ananas has our heart. You can head to the store or simply follow the link here.

Its a paradise for any plating enthusiast for sure.

brass- ananas

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