Classic Indian Style Christmas Sweets

Classic Indian Style Christmas Sweets

Christmas is almost here and if there is one thing that we are all excited about unanimously - sweets !

The Indian Christian community be it , East Indians, Anglo Indians, Goan Catholics or Syrian Catholics, each community has special sweet treats that are made in abundance. Enter A Christian home a week before Christmas and its perfumed with the smell of sugary treats that are as good as they smell. Here are a few traditional Indian Christmas sweets that are classics. These Desi sweets would put any fancy cookies to shame.



Kulkuls (pronounced as kalkals) are deep fried sweet treats made out of semolina and flour. Flaky on the outside and delightfully crunchy, these sweet treats are a perfect treat for when the weather gets cold. They are sweet twirls that can pass off as Shankarpales (a popular Maharashtrain festive snack) cousin. Here is recipe if want to give this delicious treat a shot.


Similar to Karanjis and Gujjiyas , Neureos are coconut stuffed puffs. These crispy treats are a staple during every Indian Festival. Neureos are baked or fried and along with the sweet coconut filling make the perfect sweet treat to indulge in. Influenced heavily by the coastal cuisine, this Christmas favourite is packed with coconut. Here is the recipe.

Guava Cheese

A chewy fudge like sweet , Guava Cheese is a burst of sweetness in your mouth. This Goan delicacy is rich in vitamin C as it is made with Guava. Made with equal parts of Guava and sugar this sweet can be preserved for a long time. Its easy to make at home. Here is the recipe.


Bolinhas are coconut cookies that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Slightly browned, these cookies almost melt in your mouth. These Coconut delights are a good tea time snack. These Goan biscuits are made with semolina and can be enjoyed throughout the year.



Kokkisan, also known as Roce cookies are a Manglorean Christmas classic. These deep fried cookies made with rice batter are almost too pretty to eat. Shaped like Christmas ornaments, making these cookies require a specific technique of dropping the batter into hot oil using a cast iron mold. The Technique is complex and does require more hands on the deck. This makes them perfect to make along with loved ones during the holiday season. Here is the recipe.

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