Cooking Ideas: What To Cook This Weekend

Cooking Ideas: What To Cook This Weekend

Weekend cooking is like one of those therapeutic experiences that you don't want to get into at first but start enjoying it once you know what to cook. Isn't it? For most of us, who're tired of the monotonous weekday routine, we're inclined to indulge in an extravagant affair. Now, that's only for a few of us; but for the rest it's all about going simple, rustic & maybe even traditional! So, from starting the weekend on a slow note to taking it a notch higher with every meal, we have some amazing recipes for you that are easy to make & yummier in taste. So, let's indulge together!

1. Green Kiwi Smoothie

Mornings usually turn into afternoons during weekends & if you're wondering what to cook, whipping up a smoothie ain’t a big deal! This recipe by Ajinkya Nikam is a perfect detox smoothie made with the goodness of Kiwis, Apples, Cucumbers, Spinach and Bananas.

2. Almond Apple Quinoa Salad

Simple, healthy and delicious is the only way to describe this Almond Apple Quinoa Salad. In this recipe, all you have to do is slice some apples, layer them over a spinach and quinoa base, top it with almonds, cranberries and feta cheese. And, Voila! You have a bowl of healthy goodness ready!

3. Chicken Thukpa Soup

This weekend is not about wondering what to cook, but to explore cuisines you haven’t tried before. Thukpa is a traditional Himalayan delicacy prepared in a delicious chicken broth. Chef Varun Inamdar brings us the taste of North with noodle soup infused with Timur powder, a Sichuan pepper from Nepal along with a variety of other aromatic spices.

4. Baby Potato Canapes

Weekends often call for get-togethers with friends & family but usually you’re stuck with one question, what to cook? Chef Kamini Patel has you covered with a healthy, quick and easy party platter recipe. Crisp Potato Canapes with a zesty filling topped with a dollop of creamy yogurt mix is the perfect conversational centrepiece that will leave your guests craving for more.

5. Anda Masala Curry

Anda Masala Curry is undoubtedly an all-time favourite recipe to gorge on! Chef Seema gives it an exciting tweak to make this dish even more delectable for your weekend binges.

6. Dilli Ki Degi Biryani

Bring the taste of Old Delhi to your kitchens with this Purani Dilli Ki Degi Biryani, a treat that your taste buds simply won't be able to resist. If you're a Biryani lover, then this easy and quick recipe is worth your weekend time. The fragrance from the aromats & spices delicately brings together this lovely wholesome dish that can be served with raita.

7. Chocolate Pancakes

Who said desserts take a lot of prep & needs a whole lot of pre-planning? Not when you have this chocolate pancake recipe in your book. It is literally a 2 Minute Chocolate Pancake recipe that make fluffy, ooey gooey pancakes that can be drizzled with lots of chocolate sauce.

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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