Create A Farm In Your Own Apartment

Create A Farm In Your Own Apartment

window farm plants by the window farming at home gardening at home growing plants at home Grow your own plants at home. Image source: Dreamstime

Growing your own food has a unique charm. Planting the seeds, waiting for them to flower, watering them with love every day and the satisfaction of eating the fruits of your hard work (quite literally) are feelings that most of us can’t experience because of the constraints of city life. But have you ever considered growing food in your apartment? It’s easier than it seems!

vertical farming hydroponic farm indoor farm vegetables fruits herbs growing food at home A vertical farm at an agricultural scale

Vertical farming is a type of farming that is gaining popularity these days and these farms differ from conventional ones. They involve growing plants vertically, often in water mediums as opposed to traditional soil mediums. This technique even produces more food while occupying less space.

A take on vertical farming is window farming; this involves growing plants on a window against a suspension. In this setup (pictured below), the same water is circulated through the plants which are grown in small pots with a little bit of soil. The water, which contains nutrients, is driven around the system by an electric pump. It’s funneled by plastic bottles so there’s no spillage of water.

window farming window farm growing plants at home farming at home gardening at home Diagrammatic representation of a window farm

This setup may be complicated to create the first time around, but these plants require less maintenance than regular plants. All you need to do to care for these plants is to periodically add fertiliser to the water so the nutrient levels are as required.

So get set up and test out your green thumb with an awesome window farm! You can grow all sorts of fruits, veggies and herbs in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to start your window farm here!

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