How To Deep Clean Your Kitchen

How To Deep Clean Your Kitchen

deep clean your kitchen, cleaning tips for kitchen, kitchen cleaning tips Deep clean your kitchen at least once a month.

For most of us it is our happy place. A place that creates memories as we grow up, and where we end up preparing some of the most delicious treats. We are talking about the quintessential home kitchen, probably the only space, which sees maximum action for most part of the day.

The home kitchen, especially the Indian one, is one that is subject to dust and grime more often. The reason being Indian cooking is mostly fried, which in turn leaves behind oily stains on the kitchen platform, walls and even storage units.

It is important to deep clean your kitchen every now and then. Here are some tips and tricks for you to follow.

Declutter storage units: How many of you go grocery shopping without taking stock of what's lying in those cabinets for over a month? It's almost inevitable given the busy lives that we lead. Declutter your grocery cabinets every two to three weeks to check if you have extra daal or spice packets or something has gone bad and occupying unnecessary space. Take the empty jars and containers out, and arrange them according to your daily requirement.

Scrub cooktops and walls: Indian food typically uses cooking with oil and turmeric - two ingredients that leave behind stains on the cooktop as well as on the walls. While deep cleaning your kitchen, scrub the cooktop with mild soap and water around the burner and knobs, and even the tiles. Don't forget to wipe the shelves and doors of cabinets too.

Clean your oven, microwave and toaster: Use lime juice or baking soda to clean the stains and grime inside ovens and toasters. You can also use a vinegar and water-based solution to clean the glass doors. Make sure the appliances are completely dry before you plug them in for use.

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Allow your storage units to breathe: When you deep clean your kitchen, take out all the jars and crockery from the cabinet units so that the space can not only be cleaned, but also can breathe. Wooden cabinets become damp in the monsoon, and may cause food to stale without your knowledge. Put some silica gel packets in your spice as well as lentil drawers to keep them moisture proof.

Clean sink and waste disposal corners: Let's admit that the waste disposal corner is one of the most neglected in our households. Many even don't bother to scrub the trash can regularly! Deep clean your waste disposal area by removing unwanted items, and spray a mixture of bleaching powder and water to get rid of pests, which attack your kitchen through the sewage line and drain under the sink. Using a solution of lime juice and water or simply scrubbing the sink with a lime wedge can make a huge difference.

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