Dig into an Assamese tribal feast by Gitika's Pakghor

Dig into an Assamese tribal feast by Gitikas Pakghor

Amlori or Red Ant Eggs cooked with Hen Eggs

Gitika is back with her signature Assamese feasts, and this time she is preparing to go the tribal way. On Saturday, June 20, she will be cooking up a lunch featuring dishes that you would rarely come across. Some of the highlights of the menu are Alu Pitika, which is a potato mash with a dash of mustard oil, Dhekia Haak, fiddlehead fern stir fry with garlic, duck meat cooked with ash gourd, Silkworm Pupae Stir Fry and Red Ant Eggs cooked with Hen Eggs! End your meal with Black Sticky Rice Pudding and a range of homemade condiments.

Gitika has made sure that all her ingredients for the meal are sourced directly from Assam to guarantee the rich flavours of her home state.

To book a seat, register here.

When: June 20, 2015; 12:30 pm

Where: Juhu, Mumbai

Price: Rs. 2000

Contact: 9920473331

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