DIY: Flavoured Ice Cubes

DIY: Flavoured Ice Cubes

Flavoured ice-cubes can be made from a wide array of ingredients and they can jazz up everything from a plain glass of water to a cocktail to lemonades and fruit juices. Let's look at a basic fruit ice cube recipe first.

1. Muddle, that is, press fruit pieces against the side of a bowl so as to release their juices.

2. Pour some juice into an ice-cube tray but fill only one third of each compartment.

3. Freeze for an hour or more.

4. Remove tray and fill another fruit juice of your choice. Freeze again.

5. Repeat as many times as you like, to create various layers.

6. Add two or three cubes to a glass of water or juice or lemonade for a fantastic cooler.

Using the same method you, can make various kinds of flavoured ice-cubes like:

  • Alcohol ice-cubes, but these will be slushier as alcohol doesn't really freeze. Make sure to add a lot of water to help them freeze.
  • Strawberry puree ice-cubes, best added to a glass of lemonade
  • Mint ice-cubes, with whole mint sprigs - perfect for most cocktails
  • Flower ice-cubes with edible flowers - add it to iced green tea!
  • Chai ice-cubes - add to cold milk and top with cinnamon or cardamom for a wonderful pick-me-up
  • Lemon juice or lemon slice ice-cubes - add to sparkling water or soda
  • Scoop out melon balls and freeze. Then add to water for a colourful, beautiful mocktail
  • Add frozen fruit juice cubes to wine for a sangria with a twist
  • Toss cucumber ice-cubes into water as an alternative to infused water
  • Play with colours to create theme ice-cubes (like orange, milk and kiwi for Independence Day)

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