DIY Food: Colourful Jelly Beans

DIY Food: Colourful Jelly Beans

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These colourful chewy delights are every child's dream come true. We can guarantee a bowlful of these can never last even a day in house full of kids or even adults. Varied flavours, enticing colours and the sheer quantity of these bean-like treats can make a child scream with joy!

So here is an easy way to make colourful jelly beans at home. Want to give it a try?

What you need:

1 cup sugar

6 tbsp water

2 tbsp corn syrup

2 tsp cornflour

Food colours

Food flavours

Castor sugar


1. In a bowl, mix together sugar and cornflour until smooth then add the water and corn syrup.

2. Put this on the heat and make sure everything is well incorporated.

3. Pour this into jelly bean molds and leave them to cool for a while.

4. In another bowl, add in castor sugar, food colouring and flavouring. Coat the jelly beans in this mix.


1. Make sure to tumble the jellybeans well in a container while coating to make sure they have a glossy coat.

2. You can coat the jelly beans with different colours to make a colourful batch.

Find a recipe here.

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