DIY Food: Colourful Latte Art

DIY Food: Colourful Latte Art

latte art Latte art can be made at home too. Photo: Nishita Chandra

How many times have you stood at the counter of your favourite coffee shop and watched the barista turn that cuppa into a piece of art? Let’s admit we’ve all gazed at the beautiful heart and Rosetta designs before taking that first sip.

Latte art is a process in which steamed milk is poured into a shot of espresso thereby creating a design on the surface of the coffee. Making latte art is definitely an acquired skill, but that does not mean you cannot whip up some beautiful latte art by yourself.

Let’s tell you how.

What you need: Measurements as per your taste and preference.


Instant coffee powder


Fresh cream

Food colouring


1. Mix the milk, coffee powder and sugar like you would to make a regular latte.

2. Once the coffee is made, add fresh cream so it creates a layer on top.

3. Add a few drops of liquid food colouring to this.

4. Take a tooth pick and swirl around the food colouring. Make whatever patterns you want on your coffee.

5. Take a moment to appreciate your work of art before drinking it!


1. Make sure to pour the cream very gently. It shouldn’t get incorporated in the coffee.

2. Use different colours for a prettier effect. Red and blue make for a pretty colour scheme. You can also mix colours to make a new one.

3. Clean the toothpick after every swirl or pattern you draw for a neater design.

4. If you want to work with gel food colours, add a little to some cream and then use the coloured cream to create your art.

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