DIY Food: Homemade Vanilla Food Extract

DIY Food: Homemade Vanilla Food Extract

DIY food diy ideas vanilla essene diy vanilla essence diy recipes Vanilla essence is mainly used to flavour cakes.

If you're into baking, you definitely are aware of food extracts. But if you aren't one, food extract is a concentrated essence used to flavour baked items such as cakes, muffins, pies to name a few. Although it is widely available, making your own batch is not very tough. All you need is two ingredients and you're set.

What you need

8 ounces/ 1 cup vodka

6-7 vanilla bean pods (cut in half)


1. In the container that you want to store your extract in, put the vanilla bean pods.

2. Fill the container with the vodka and seal it well.

3. Keep this container untouched for at least 1 month in a dry place.

4. Once you open the container, add a few drops of your essence to all your baked items, milkshakes and more.


1. If you aren't a fan of vanilla, you can make any other essence with the same method. For example, to make orange essence, add peel of an orange with the vodka instead of the vanilla bean pods. You can also make a lemon extract in the same way.

2. Make sure to use good quality liqueur to get the best results.

3. Don't open the sealed bottle until the said time.

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