DIY Food: KitKat

DIY Food: KitKat

diy,diyfood, kitkat, dessert,chocolate Need a break? Have a kitkat.

Whether you like to eat these sweet treats in one bite or devour them step by step, there is no denying that KitKat is loved by all. But why spend on buying them from the store when you need just 2 ingredients to make them at home? Here's how.

What you need:

6 vanilla wafer bars

50 grams melted milk chocolate


1. Begin by coating the wafer bars individually with the melted chocolate and keep aside to set.

2. Once set, take two pieces and put them together like a kitkat bar with the help of some more melted chocolate in between.

3. Wrap with some foil and store in the fridge.


1. Make sure the chocolate coating is even on the wafers.

2. You can use different flavours of wafer bars if you want.

3. White chocolate can be used instead of milk chocolate.

Find a recipe here.

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