DIY Food: Make Your Childhood Favourite Jujups

DIY Food: Make Your Childhood Favourite Jujups

DIY, DIYfood, easy recipes, dessert, candy Jujups were a childhood favourite.

What kid doesn't enjoy colourful jujups coated with sugar? Let's admit that most of us would be confused when someone asked us to pick the colour we'd like to eat, right?

So, fulfil your childhood dream and create these sugary gum drops at home today. A few ingredients and you have made yourself a bunch of these sugary beauties in your own kitchen.

What you need:

1 cup cold water

6 packs of unflavoured gelatine

2 packs of flavoured gelatine

1 cup castor sugar


1. Begin by mixing the unflavoured gelatine with the water.

2. Once that is well mixed, add in the flavoured gelatine and mix again.

3. Pour this gelatine water in a double boiler and heat it until everything is well incorporated.

4. Take it off the gas and pour it into small moulds.

5. Keep aside and let it set.

6. Once set, take them out of the moulds and coat them with the castor sugar.


1. Make sure to constantly stir while mixing in the gelatine to make sure no lumps are formed.

2. Don't boil the mixture directly as it may burn.

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