DIY World Chocolate Day in Your Home

DIY World Chocolate Day in Your Home

Ancient Mayan culture viewed cacao – which is where chocolate comes from – as a sacred element in their society. Chocolate is a religion for us too and on the occasion of World Chocolate Day we’re letting you in on our two favourite DIY chocolate desserts. You can thank us later.

Chocolate Fondue

Trust the Swiss to come up with cool chocolate ideas! Invented by a Swiss restauranteur in the 1960s chocolate fondue has since then warmed many a monsoon night. It is a classic dessert that is also a great party starter. Grab a group of friends around a fondue pot (or a simple saucepan) and start a game of truth or chocolate. Savour the sweet, melted chocolate paired with toasted marshmallows, fruits, meringues or cake!

You can easily make this at home as it requires few simple ingredients and gets going in a jiffy. Let us help you out with the perfect recipe for it. Watch it here.

Hot Chocolate

A version of drinking chocolate was made by the Olmec Civilization in southern Mexico as far back as 1500 BC. We’ve come a long way since then baby! Sipping on a cup of thick hot chocolate on a gloomy day is our definition of comfort food like no other.

The sweet potion is another easy kitchen trick. Add cinnamon to spice things up like IFN Chef Kamini Patel did in this recipe. We especially loved the generous dollops of cream on top! We wish you and your silky mug of hot chocolate a decadent World Chocolate Day!

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