Domino's Pizza To Go Vegetarian This Navratri

Dominos Pizza To Go Vegetarian This Navratri

pizza dominos pizza veg pizza vegetarian pizza navratri pizza veg pizza on navratri Vegetarian pizzas to rule at Domino's this festive season.

Your favourite pizza company is going vegetarian this October for 10 days! No guesses why; Domino's is planning to make their customers in north, central and west India happy by introducing an all-vegetarian menu for Navratri. Sounds strange? But, the folks leading the international chain in India, seems to have cracked the strategy.

Given the consumption of meat is at an all-time low during the festive months - starting from Navratri to Diwali - the pizza chain will stop serving their non-vegetarian menu to customers. According to an ET report, the move is influenced by customer needs.

That's not all; the international pizza chain will also refrain from using garlic and onions in their toppings. News has it that even the pizza bases will be made out of waterchestnut flour and sabudana crispies!

If you are a die-hard non-vegetarian, and cannot do without your meats while eating out, you know where to head instead.

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