Don't Let a Hangover Kill Your New Year High!

Dont Let a Hangover Kill Your New Year High!

It's always the same story, isn't it? When you're partying, it feels like the night will last forever and you could drink until the world came to an end. But then the next morning, you actually feel like the world has ended. Because there's a whole new party going on inside your head and it's no fun at all.

Party hard but party smart

The good news is that food and drink (not the alcoholic kind!) can help beat that ugly hangover. While some of them work better when imbibed before drinking, others are life savers on the morning after. Most of these hangover remedies should already be in your kitchen but if they aren't, it's time to stock up!

What to have before drinking:

Greasy and carb-rich foods might help

Something fried: The oil greases your stomach lining and slows down alcohol absorption. Now you know why you get high faster on an empty stomach. But that's a definite route to a headachy morning after.

Bread or rice: Some have found carbohydrates to be helpful in managing alcohol.

What to have while drinking:

Indulge in sweet treats

Water: Some say you should drink a glass of water for every drink. You might have to visit the washroom often but you'll feel more in control of your senses.

Alcohol, but at a leisurely pace: Go slow with your drinks and keep them light. That way, you'll enjoy yourself for much longer. After all, you can't dance if you've passed out, right?

Sugar: Yes, you read that right. Sugar helps metabolise the alcohol faster, which means you may not have to battle a hangover the next day. Pair your drinks with fruits or sip on juice in between.

What to have on the morning after:

spinach, easy recipes, smoothies, ice cream, spinach recipes Have non-caffeinated fluids

Again, water: Water will help you say hydrated and flush out the alcohol from your system.

Healthy fluids: Soups, coconut water, lime juice or even sports drinks will aid in replenishing the salts and minerals in your body.

A light breakfast: Eating can help mitigate that nauseous feeling. But avoid having anything fried or heavy. Stick to nourishing, light breakfasts like toast with cereal, eggs or upma.

Ginger tea: Sip on a warm brew of ginger, lime and honey to ease a stomach ache and bouts of nausea.

And if nothing works, just go back to bed! Wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with lots of memorable meals!

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