What To Eat Along the Konkan Coast

What To Eat Along the Konkan Coast

For those living in Mumbai and Pune, long weekends inevitably mean a visit to Maharashtra's gorgeous coastline. Although less celebrated than the beaches of Goa and Kerala, the shores of Alibag, Kashid, Korlai and Tarkarli are actually as pristine and awe-inspiring.

In fact, you could stop anywhere along the snaking Konkan coastline and you'd find a stunning beach to feast your eyes on. Here are 10 dishes and drinks you should definitely binge on during your next weekend getaway in this part of India (tip: have the home-cooked variety for authentic taste).

Fish fry

1. Prawn Curry

Called Kolambi Rassa in Marathi, this dish has an aromatic dark gravy that includes coconut and Malwani masala. If you like prawns, you'll absolutely adore this Konkan specialty.

2. Solkadi

It has a lovely light purple colour thanks to the infusion of kokum but the base of solkadi is coconut milk. It's uniquely refreshing and a digestive too.

3. Bhakri and Usal

The simple bhakri and usal is a must-have at any local homestay along the Konkan coast. In this region, the bhakri is often made of rice flour, while the usal is made of matki sprouts.

4. Bhangda Fry

A lovely starter for your meal - this is whole fried mackerel fish. It's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and you just can't get enough of it.

5. Kombdi Vade

This is probably the perfect and most filling non-vegetarian meal. You have chicken curry served along with vade, a kind of Maharashtrian puri. It's usually washed down with solkadi.

6. Kokum Dal

Dal with the tangy goodness of kokum is a genius stroke of the Konkani community.Enjoy it with steaming hot rice and a dash of lemon juice, or slurp it as it is.

7. Dhondas

You realise that Indians are no stranger to baking when you taste the flaky and sweet dhondas, a healthy cake made of cucumber, semolina and jaggery.

8. Bombil Fry

This is another great starter like the bhangda fry. Bombil or Bombay Duck is widely available and consumed in Mumbai as well.

9. Paplet Saar

Malwani cuisine is all about great seafood and the ubiquitous pomfret couldn't be far behind, could it? This is pomfret in the typical Malwani fish curry gravy.

10. Mutton Curry

Even if you're not a fan of mutton, Malwan style mutton curry is bound to convert you. The gravy is resplendent with the flavour of cardamom and the mutton is slow-cooked to make it really soft.

Our in-house Chef Roopa Nabar specialises in Konkani and Malwani cuisine as a matter of fact. So if you'd like to recreate these dishes in your own kitchen, take a look at her recipes.

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