Eat by Zodiac: Air Signs and Brain Foods

Eat by Zodiac: Air Signs and Brain Foods

Intelligence – this is the one word that describes all Air signs. Whether it is the talkative Gemini, charming Libra or headstrong Aquarius, they are an intelligent lot. Mentally alert and active, the Air signs certainly need brain food that can supply the fuel for all the thinking that they do. As they probe, analyse and overthink, they use significant amounts of mental energy that must be regularly replenished. Blueberries, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, salmon and avocado are what the air signs could include in their daily diet.

Air signs are great communicators too, and though Libra and Aquarius do not possess the gift of the Gemini gab, they shall certainly venture into careers that need them to communicate with a lot of people. This can prove demanding, and the Air signs need to eat foods that keep their energy levels up as they multi-task. Starting the day with an oats porridge sumptuously enhanced with berries, black raisins and nuts, is the perfect way to keep those energy levels up for several hours. When they begin to flag, munch on a boiled egg, an apple or banana. Granola or protein bars are a great option too, though do ensure that they are not overloaded with sugars.

The quirky fun-loving side of them is often hidden as the Air signs attempt to find solutions to problems at lightning speed. Red and orange coloured foods provide them with a happy feeling. Try tomatoes, apples, strawberries, water melon, or oranges, and if feeling adventurous, sprinkle red chilly flakes or paprika on some well seasoned quinoa salad or ragi pasta.

Air signs are not big on showing emotions, and often eat in order to escape them. Though expressing emotions is definitely the healthy option, here are a few tips that will help you to mind that weight as you eat away your blues. Do not turn to caffeine, high carb or high fat foods – these make you feel more anxious and depressed. If it’s something sweet you are craving for, make a hot chocolate using cocoa, honey, and home made almond milk. Salt cravings can be satisfied with kale chips, crispy spinach, sweet potato crisps, tuna salad or smoked salmon. Now, how can anyone be anything less than happy after such a meal?

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