Eat by Zodiac: Earth Signs – Being Strong, Eating Right

Eat by Zodiac: Earth Signs – Being Strong, Eating Right

Trustworthy Taurus, virtuous Virgo, and capable Capricorn hold up the flag of steadfastness and solidity. They are well known for their reliability and integrity, and it is only a disturbed Earth sign that shall deceive another. The solidity of the Earth sign is not restricted only to character; many earth signs have strong, solid body types that often struggle with weight issues. They enjoy good food, and the occasional indulgence should be counteracted by foods that get rid of the inches - cucumber, lemons, horseradish, onions, and beets. What can also work well is a morning helping of wheat germ juice. This brings down the high sugar levels too, as many earth signs are prone to diabetes.

Earth signs eat heartily; they need to because they are constantly being strong for someone else. They take their duties very seriously, and need a full meal in order to keep up their energy levels. Lean meat, eggs and fish are very good for the Earth signs, and when combined with brown rice, vegetables and legumes, they make a complete meal.

The digestive system of this Zodiac sign buckles under anything more than small quantities of dairy, fats and carbohydrates, although a little yogurt or buttermilk, consumed daily, proves beneficial. The Earth signs are definitely not as quick as the Air signs, and can take their time to deliberate over even small decisions. Their digestive systems are the same. They need more time to digest their food, and the advice of our grandparents of getting up from the table with a little empty space in the stomach, most emphatically applies to them. High-fibre foods like apples, pears, peas, carrots, cucumber, sesame seeds, oats and barley are their good friends. Papaya, kiwi, and uncooked tomatoes make a tasty snack, and help in digestion. This can be washed down with some satisfying ginger ale.

Earth signs like the finer things in life, and cheat days are more important to them than to most. What they must stay away from, even on cheat days, are ice-creams, milk shakes, butter, processed cheese, bread and biscuits. Being resourceful, Earth signs can learn to use healthy substitutes like nut milk, nut butter, homemade cheese, millet and oat bread, raw honey, almond flour and banana flour, as they whip up their own indulgent delicacies.

Too level-headed to be swayed by every food fad, the Earth signs are best appealed to by using large helpings of common sense. If it makes sense to them, the sensual Earth signs are willing to take a risk. Once they decide to try out a different path, they stay committed to it. It is in this persistence that lies the secret of their healthy constitutions.

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