Eat Seasonal: 5 Regional Winter Special Recipes

Eat Seasonal: 5 Regional Winter Special Recipes

sarson da saag sarson da saag recipe sarson da saag winter Punjabi recipe Gujarati recipes Bengali recipes winter recipes Indian winter recipes Sarson da saag is a Punjabi winter favourite. Photo: India Food Network

Did you know vegetables like carrots, cabbage and cauliflower and leafy ones like mustard greens and green garlic are considered as winter veggies? But, living in a metro means having access to all types of vegetables throughout the year.

We encourage seasonal eating and therefore bring to you some regional Indian recipes to cook this winter.

Undhiyo: A Gujarati speciality, undhiyo is cooked with a variety of vegetables and methi or fenugreek dumplings. Undhiyo is traditionally prepared over a few days, in batches, and involves a laborious cooking process.

Gajar ka halwa: Carrots are in season, although it is to be found all year round. But, red carrots, which are a preferred choice for making gajar ka halwa are available in abundance during winter. In north Indian homes, gajar ka halwa is a winter favourite, and is cooked with lots of love.

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Sarson da saag: A Punjabi winter favourite, sarson da saag is cooked with mustard greens and served with fresh butter. It is best enjoyed with makke di roti or flatbreads made with cornflour.


Nolen gurer payesh: Bengalis love their date palm jaggery, which is typically available during the colder months. Sweet shops across the state go on a spree promoting sweets prepared using this jaggery, locally called nolen gur or new jaggery. In winter, the community prepares payesh or rice pudding using the same and it is yum!

BENGALI RECIPE: Nolen Gurer Payesh

Til ladoo: Til ladoos or sesame jaggery ladoos are prepared by Maharashtrians and south Indians during the Makar Sankranti festival in January. The reason why they are made specifically during colder months is that sesame keeps the body warm.

VIDEO: Sankrant Special Til Ladoos

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