Eating Out In Mcleodganj

Eating Out In Mcleodganj

welcome cafe1 This honey-lemon-ginger drink is available across the Himalayan states.

As you walk down the busy markets and monasteries in Mcleodganj, you will realise that the small Himachali town loves to eat. It almost feels like a picnic where tourists, young and old, take a break from shopping by grabbing a bite at its many cafes.

You can never be hungry in Mcleodganj. From modest, street-side restaurants to family-run kitchens, you will find Italian, French, Indian, Tibetan and even Israeli food in this happy hill station. Check out this handy guide to eating out in Mcleodganj for your next trip to the Himalayas.

Jimmy's Italian Kitchen Jacket potatoes at Jimmy's Italian Kitchen.

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen: Italian food is quite popular in Mcleodganj given the number of Europeans who visit the town every year. Jimmy’s is one of the many restaurants that serves your classic English breakfast, waffles and pancakes, and a variety of pizzas, pastas and cheesecakes. If you are looking for something different, then do give the jacket potatoes with bacon a shot.

Welcome cafe Wood-fired pizza at Welcome cafe.

Welcome Café: Mcleodganj does not sleep early. From small joints to cafes serving coffee and cakes, you will find something to eat even at midnight. Welcome Café in Bhagsu is a fine example. Situated on the edge of a hillock, this one has a hippie vibe and serves pizzas and pastas, dal-chawal and some unique desserts like Hello to the Queen. The latter apparently is a favourite with the Israelis, who camp here for several months to even years.

Zomsa cafe Hakka noodles at Zomsa.

Zomsa Laundromat Café: Yes, you read it right. This café-cum-laundromat in Mcleodganj is an interesting place considering it serves one of the best Hakka noodles in town. If you were to step in around dusk, then do try the piping hot spinach wraps here. They are absolutely delicious!

Tibet Kitchen Thenthuk at Tibet Kitchen.

Tibet Kitchen: You cannot leave Dharamshala without eating the customary momos and thukpa. Tibet Kitchen is situated in the main market of Mcleodganj, and has a steady influx of tourists because of its homely local food. Do try the thenthuk, a noodle soup and steamed momos for sure.

Bhagsu cake Bhagsu cake is a local sweetmeat prepared with chocolate and condensed milk.

Chocolate Log: Chocolate Log was started by Cheryl Templeton, an ex-IAF officer’s wife at a time when Mcleodganj was inhabited with wild animals! Yes, you cannot not chat up with the lively owner, who says “Forget baking, I didn’t know how to cook!” If you have nothing much to do in the evenings, walk up till the end of Jogibara Road to try her delicious chocolate pastries and baked Mac n’ Cheese.

German bakery An Israeli breakfast at German Bakery.

German Bakery: If you have spent Sunday mornings sipping coffee at Pune’s German Bakery, then this one is worth a visit. Located in Bhagsu, GB typically serves breakfasts and baked items. Order their Israeli breakfast, which includes eggs, fresh salad, breads, and labneh.

Tibet bakery Tibet Quality Bakery is popular for its baked goodies.

Tibet Quality Bakery: You may miss this small, street-side bakery selling local sweetmeats while shopping for souvenirs to carry home. Once you’ve spotted it, you will be tempted to try most of the stuff displayed on its shelves especially because of their exotic names. Pack some Himalayan bars, yak muffins and yak cheese slice to make the most of your Tibetan experience.

Photos: Rituparna Roy

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