Here’s what Sequel’s newest outlet in BKC has to offer

Here’s what Sequel’s newest outlet in BKC has to offer

Sequel’s gluten free, farm fresh, organic food now also has an address in Mumbai’s business district

Vanika Chaudhary’s third Sequel outlet is unlike the other two. With their chic new address in BKC, the restaurant chain has forayed into a fine dine space. Designed by Ashiesh Shah, the new 2000 sqft outlet mirrors their core philosophy of healthy, clean eating and living.

Walking in, we immediately took notice of the warm honey toned interiors of the restaurant. The futuristic design and clean neutral colour palette almost act like a sensorial prelude to the fresh, organic food offerings that are about to follow. The restaurant is divided into three sections – a grab-and-go counter for a hurried order, the casual café section and lastly, the new formal dining room.

Sequel's warm interiors and raw textures are an expression of sustainable living Sequel's warm interiors and raw textures are an expression of sustainable living

We started our meal with the ‘’Unbeetable Glow’’, a cold pressed juice made from baby beets, lemongrass, sweet basil, apples and oranges. Judging by the deep red hues of the drink, you’d think the baby beets would’ve overpowered the other ingredients, but we were pleasantly surprised by the fresh citrus flavours of the drink.


For our first course, we decided on a basket of the Buckwheat Rice Sourdough Bread which came with a dollop of some truffle cashew cheese, smoked apple jam, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and a little sea salt. We have to say, we were intrigued by the unusual pairings but when eaten altogether, each ingredient made its own distinct contribution to the final flavour. Next up, were the Smoked Hasselback Orange Sweet Potatoes and Portobello Tacos. The potatoes came with a side of parsley sauce and fermented coconut yogurt while the tacos held generous helpings of some fresh cashew sour cream.

What stood out most for us was how fresh the food tasted. The parsley sauce and cashew sour cream brought out the flavours in their respective dishes very well. Throughout the menu, you can spot local produce and organic ingredients like cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils, cashew cheese, Kashmiri walnuts, morels, gondhraj lemon, fresh seasonal herbs, lotus root and more.

The Smoked Lotus Root Fritters at Sequel are one of the newest appetisers The Smoked Lotus Root Fritters are one of their newest appetisers

Main Course

The new fine dine space sees some interesting additions to the main course menu. Diners that visit for lunch and dinner can choose from an entire selection of new recipes. For our main course, we decided to go with the Red Snapper Burger with pickled onions, jalapeno and a side of Greek yogurt; and the Smoked Black Rice with Sea White Prawns and Lotus Roots. If we had to pick one dish to recommend, we would choose the latter. The Smoked Black Rice and Sea White Prawns come wrapped up in a coconut leaf. The package is unwrapped in a large bowl and then poured over with a warm mixture of coconut milk infused with kaffir lime, lemongrass, galangal and some chili oil. The dish is full of flavour, light, healthy and filling.


Because our team at IFN has a weak spot for sweets, we ended our meal by ordering both the dessert options at Sequel, BKC. The Poached Pears with vanilla ice cream and seed crumble, as well as the Dark Chocolate Cake with cacao ganache and blueberries. Our verdict? The Poached Pears with vanilla ice cream is not to be missed.

Tarini Sood

Tarini Sood

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