India's six vegan cafes that must be tried even if you are not a vegan

Indias six vegan cafes that must be tried even if you are not a vegan

Vegan eateries are winning hearts (and Michelin stars in France). So, here's our list of the best places in India

This week, chef Claire Vallée created history. For the very first time, her meat-free restaurant Ona, located in Ares, in the south-west of France, won a Michelin star, becoming the first one to do so. For a food philosophy that has drawn flak and flourish, in equal measure, veganism is still going strong, with an increasing number of people, particularly millennials and the Gen-Z, choosing to go meatless, dairy-free and subscribing to the tenets of conscious eating to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their holistic wellness.

This calls for celebration and perhaps a fresh look at what India - a country with a culinary culture that has imbibed many principles of veganism, inherently - has to offer. I mean, before the world had vegans, we had Jains, right?

So, here's our list of some of the best cafes, restaurants and fine-dines from the country, that you'd want to surely book a table at. If you're looking for reasons, need we remind you? It's Veganuary!

1. Greenr Cafe, Delhi

India's first California-inspired plant-based kitchen, Greenr Cafe is for anyone who is looking for a nourishing and healthy treat. They offer fresh, organic ingredients with customisations available for gluten-free, dairy-free and completely plant-based options. The black baja beans nachos are very popular here, made from corn and ragi, dressed with mango salsa and served with fresh guacamole. Plus, the cafe has dishes centered around vegan faves, like tofu and jackfruit.

Call: 098704 55448


3. Earth Cafe, Mumbai

Plant-preneurs are shaking up the urban lifestyle with dairy-free, gluten-free, and Keto friendly dishes. This pleasant Bandra eatery started by Vicky Khatwani serves delicious options like smoothie bowls made with coconut milk and the shakabuku. You can chomp down the sandwiches and burgers here. If you are testing the waters of vegan living, this could be a great place to start.

Call: 098198 28989

4. Wabi Sabi, Kolkata

This plush vegetarian cafe located in a quaint area in Kolkata is quick to spot. With a fusion menu, Wabi Sabi has unique offerings like, a dish made with red rice from Bhutan. Some of their best include the zucchini roll and stuffed mushrooms. One can enjoy a cosy dinner or a lazy Sunday brunch and choose from a variety of options that cater to their taste buds. This place is living proof that for people in Kolkata, good food triumphs it all, be it vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or in this case, vegan.

Call: 033 4001 3578

5. Ahimsa, Shirdi

Intimate and rustic, locked away in a sacred location, this vegan restaurant offers a wide assortment of European dishes. Here, dishes blend taste with sustenance, bringing a platter of flavours for you to choose from. Some of the best dishes include their coconut cookies, tofu sub and Mediterranean pizza. If you ever find yourself in Shirdi, this is a must visit.

Call: 074100 92055

6. Bodhi Greens, Goa

Great food and a good holiday is a combination you shouldn't be giving up on. After all, Goa offers us the best of both worlds. All the classic flavours you could want in a plant-based dish come together at chef Varun Sharma's restaurant, Bodhi Greens. They serve a lineup of comfort food classics with a contemporary twist, all featured on an impressive menu with elements like tempeh bowl, smoked seitan and Siboghana's banana bread.

Call: +91 94184 55066

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