Want to know how it feels to work out of a restaurant for a day? Read on to find out

Want to know how it feels to work out of a restaurant for a day? Read on to find out

We spent our day lounging, working, snacking and enjoying some glorious sea views at Social's outlet on Carter Road.

Imagine Dakota Johnson’s kitchen next to a bustling city promenade. In Mumbai, Riyaaz Amlani’s Carter Road Social is about as close as you can come to that idea. The 1980’s neon lighting, vintage furniture, big bay windows and wooden swings all contribute to the chic vibe of this cafe with vintage-modern aesthetics.

The folks at Social, have merged the idea of a co-working space with a cafe+bar to give you Social Works. Since there is only so much you can work from home without getting sick of it - we decided to check this out and work out of there for a day. The Social outlet on Carter Road is a comfortable enough spot for you to sink in and get some work done. You can very easily lose yourself in the low hum of the retro music playing in the background.

Beverages and Appetisers

It would be a cardinal sin to come to Social and not mention the catchphrases embossed on the glasses. From #paani to #thandibeer, we love the chill #vibes. Then, if the quirky names of the dishes don't make you smile, the one liners below them are sure to do the trick. After all, you need to specify that Chinese Bhel is ‘not made in China’. If there is anything you should take from this, it’s that they are vocal for local.

We started our day by ordering a latte. Brewing with fragrance, this strong cup of freshly ground coffee made for the perfect morning beverage.

Next up, we got ourselves a plate of Chilli Chicken; the crispy exterior blended well with the warm and tangy spices making it the perfect snack on an unexpected rainy winter day.

Because no appetiser order is ever complete without a plate of fries, we ordered the Honey Chilli fries. We worked and enjoyed the sweet, spicy honey fries. Safe to say, it was a good choice.


For our afternoon meal, we were recommended the Achmed's Mezze Platter, which is an elaborate arrangement of falafel, hummus, aioli, lavash, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, cheese awesamosas and pita bread. The awesamosas stood true to their name, with mozzarella cheese and tomato puree stuffing inside. It was warm, gooey and cheesy with a soft texture that melted in your mouth. The crunchy and crispy lavash was a good contrast to the soft pita bread. Overall, the platter was a playground of textures, each one worth trying.

Evening snacks

We dived headfirst into the jalapeno cheese nads served in an aluminium can. They come with a sweet-spicy dip, known as the sriracha chunna. Any sriracha lover will surely love the combination. However, even paired with queso sauce, these uber creamy nugget-like nads quickly became the highlight of the day. Break them open to ooze molten cheese and get the perfect boomerang for your Instagram story.

We ended our workday with a cool drink. A tall glass of fruity guava-mango juice garnished with a slice of orange. Sweet and punchy, this flavourful drink washed away the hectic entirety of the day.

Safety measures

The COVID precautions at Social seem pretty spot on. The contactless menu can be accessed on your phone by scanning the QR code on your table. This is an effective way to communicate given the social distancing mandate. By digitising the menu, not only does it become economical but also safer for their customers.

This workspace+cafe+bar sits on the intersection of functionality, casual dining and a nightlife hotspot. This cost-effective working space allows you to connect, collaborate, exchange ideas and explore your creativity.

A special shout out to our host for the day, Mr. Anil, who took care of our every need while we worked. He was more than happy to help us decide what to eat and where to get the most gram-worthy pictures. All in all, our Social Works experience was one that we’d definitely repeat.

Oojal Kour

Oojal Kour

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