Loved Emily in Paris? Here’s where you can eat and drink just like her, in India

Loved Emily in Paris? Here’s where you can eat and drink just like her, in India

We bring you the ultimate guide to the best French restaurants in the country!

With her glittery Chanel outfits and girl-next-door charm, Netflix’s Emily in Paris has truly captured our hearts. The show has not only introduced us to Parisian couture and culture but has also given us a glimpse into what constitutes French cuisine. Taking inspiration from the same, we decided to recreate the food from #EmilyInParis. Except, with a delightful Indian twist.

Feel just like Emily does when she bites into a soft butter croissant or a fresh baguette. Here’s a walk through some of the best French eateries in India.

1. Souffle S’il Vous Plaît, Mumbai

There is no way Emily would’ve missed this one. Perfect for a delicious early morning breakfast, Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît gets more than just two kisses on the cheek. With its flirtatious blush pink interiors, the quaint French bistro is every cinephile’s fantasy come true. Our favourite dessert from the menu is the heavenly souffle. The perfect combination of butter + chocolate is better than any peanut butter spread you will ever taste.

Location: Nagin Mahal, Churchgate, Mumbai

Contact: 086575 12648

2. Suzette, Mumbai

Whether it is a serving of en cocotte, baguettes or brioche, Lilly Collins’ American character has an undeniable fondness for French delicacies. Breads in particular. Suzette, Mumbai, offers a selection of freshly baked breads and sweet/ savoury crepes that are truly très delicious! The warm tones and minimalistic interiors also make you feel just like you’re seated at an authentic French café. Our pick from the menu is the Crepe section, that lets you make your own crepe.

Location: Gasper Enclave, Bandra West, Mumbai

Contact: 022 2641 1431


3. Bread and chocolate, Puducherry

It is a known fact that the French love their bread. Standing out from the colourful neighbourhoods and interconnected roads, Bread and Chocolate has become one of the most talked-about bakeries in Auroville. For us, the chocolate croissant emerged as the hero of the menu. Additionally, the charming interiors have made the eatery an Instagram influencer favourite. Just like Emily, you can now enjoy a tasty French snack while getting a shot worthy of your Instagram feed!

Location: Auroville Road, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu

Contact: 0413 262 3778


4. Chez Mariannick, Bengaluru

Imagine this: You’re enjoying the warm summer air, eating a fresh baguette from a boulangerie and leisurely flipping through a copy of Baking with Julia; all with a stylish beret atop your head.

What better place than Chez Mariannick, where you can override all these cliches, or bask in them. The menu at the French-owned creperie-boulangerie reflects authenticity. This would be Emily’s go-to destination, every afternoon, a guilty pleasure of sorts, where she would come to enjoy her second breakfast and take back some crispy baguettes.

Location: Anjanappa Building, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Contact: 095380 25482


5. Le Cirque, New Delhi

Fancy a luxe French fine dine experience? Le Cirque makes for a soulful rendezvous. This place is known for its food therapy through exquisite dishes, well-tailored menu, encouraging indigenous ingredients and local suppliers. The wooden walls, parquet floors and minimalist interiors offer an experience that is anything but ‘’ringarde’’. This is where Emily would come for her extravagant work events, all dressed up, with a flute of champagne in one hand. A piece of art here is the Sous-Vide Pork Belly.

Location: The Leela Palace, 10th Floor, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110023

Contact: 011 3933 1390


6. Cafe Noir, UB City, Bengaluru

A wholesome affair of all things French combined with 'al fresco' seating, this ‘straight out of Paris' Café brings a vast array of patisserie, sandwiches and desserts for all Francophiles out there. Appealing to the sweet tooths, locals and tourists, this concept cafe attracts a unique kind of crowd - professionals. That is what will appeal to Emily the most, with women who come in for kitty parties, business class checking their emails and conducting meetings, college crowd here for the aesthetics, and Emily, for the renaissance of Parisian culture, in Bengaluru. Among the crowd, the favourite is Quiche lorraine.


Location: UB City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Contact: 080 4098 2050

Oojal Kour

Oojal Kour

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