End Your Karva Chauth Fast With These Recipes

End Your Karva Chauth Fast With These Recipes

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Fasting for a festive occasion does not have to be boring. You can fast to your heart's content by indulging in some fancy sweets and savoury dishes soon after. Check out these Karva Chauth recipes, which might tempt you to break your fast a little earlier this time.

Sesame Peanut Laddu

Start your fasting meal on a sweeter note with these Sesame Peanut laddus. A perfect recipe for the health conscious.

Panchratan Daal

Pair this nutritious daal made of five different kinds of pulses with breads, rice or baati this festive season.

Tomato Chutney

Foods prepared during fasts can get a little too bland. Eat your meals with this easy tomato chutney to add in a little more flavour.

Mawa Malpua

When you know there are sweet Mawa Malpuas waiting for you to indulge in after your Karva Chauth fast, it becomes easy to sail through the entire day. Don't you think so?

Millet Pulav

A wholesome meal is what you need after a whole day of fasting. This pulav is perfect to fill up your appetite and is a great substitute for rice.

Coconut And Fig Balls

Give a little twist to the usual coconut laddus by adding figs to this recipe. Garnish with pistachios and gobble them up as soon as the moon comes out.

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