Fake Eggs: Easter-Special April Fool's Day Pranks

Fake Eggs: Easter-Special April Fools Day Pranks

2018 is turning out to be a special year indeed. We have Easter falling on the same day as April Fool's Day and there could be no better coincidence for food-loving pranksters. Fake Easter eggs are ridiculously easy to make and while we can't promise that your victims won't get violent after biting into them, we can promise that you'll have a lot of fun setting up your prank!

Prank prep: Just make sure you have some melted white, milk or dark chocolate ready (whichever you fancy), sprinkles and food colouring. For a thick and even chocolate coating, mix some cream, sugar and eggs into the melted chocolate and whip until smooth.

So without much ado, here are ten food items that can easily morph into fake Easter eggs (bonus: your kids will end up eating healthy fruits and veggies instead!). Simply dip them in chocolate, coat in sprinkles and freeze. Or, coat in chocolate, freeze and then paint with food colours. Wrap the 'eggs' nicely for extra effect.

1. Grapes

Large, oval grapes make great 'eggs' and since they don't go too badly with chocolate, you're unlikely to suffer injuries.

2. Potatoes

Look for oval-shaped small or baby potatoes. They're already hard - so painting over will be easy-peasy. Boil the potatoes if you want to be kinder.

3. Indian dates / jujubes

They'll have seeds in them, so biting into these 'eggs' is going to be a bit tricky.

4. Olives

Sour and tangy olives make for nasty fake eggs!

5. Lemons

Do this at your own risk. In fact, maybe limit this one to scenarios where you won't be physically present!

6. Eggplants

They might have 'egg' in their name but they are certainly not chocolate's best friends.

7. Kiwis

Chocolate dipped kiwis can be a refreshing and healthy treat. Do try this on your kids!

8. Plums or jamuns

You'll have to pick out the oval-shaped ones for this activity.

9. Tomatoes

Dip in Worcestershire sauce instead of chocolate and you'll have Bloody Mary eggs!

10. Avocados

These days, avocados are being thrown into every other dish so why not chocolate?

Last but not the least, why not dip real eggs (raw or hard-boiled) into chocolate? You can't even be blamed for they are eggs after all! On that note, Happy Easter and April Fool's Day.

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