Feed Your Zodiac – Part I

Feed Your Zodiac – Part I

We love it, we enjoy it, but more often than not we do not understand our relationship with it. I’m talking about “food”. Our emotional state affects our food habits, and the food we eat influences the way we feel, think and behave. Our Zodiac sign is an invaluable guide to understanding which foods are best for our overall wellbeing, and which foods don’t do us any favours. Let’s take a look at the first six signs of the Zodiac in Part 1 of this two-part article.


Aries, you are a fiery, passionate person, ready to take risks, starts trends and enjoy a fight. This temperament also inspires a fondness for punchy foods. You truly believe that spice and booze are your friend. But be careful, because the very spices and drinks that makes you feel indestructible will also give you heartburn quicker than to any other zodiac signs. Balance these with the cooling energies of foods like cucumber, pumpkin, banana, green leafy veggies and probiotic yogurt. You can be too impatient to cook a good meal, but relying on the microwave or takeout will cause you more harm than good. Have different herbs and condiments handy so that you can jazz up a healthy meal with fun and flavour. The liver and head are your vulnerable areas, and spicy foods can affect these adversely. Avoid these foods entirely when you wish to concentrate, and before bedtime.


Patient, purposeful and steadfast Taurus, you enjoy fine foods and good liquor, but you can just as easily be pleased with something simple and hearty. In fact, what might bother you more is a chipped plate or an ugly tablecloth! You are certainly no miser, but you do not appreciate waste, and this, as well as your concern for the environment, make you lean towards daily simplicity, with an occasional splash of indulgence. Breads, cakes, cookies, sweets, cheese and rich foods are your undoing, as you are tempted to binge on these. Fighting temptation is not your forte, dear Taurus. Naturally, this makes you battle with weight. It would be beneficial to include beetroot, spinach, nuts, beans, garlic, onion, tomatoes, and leafy vegetables in your daily diet. Cut down on those fats and carbohydrates!


So much to choose from, and so difficult to choose! That’s you, Gemini. Wouldn’t you like to have it all? And though you enjoy a good meal, what is important to you is who you are eating with, and what you are talking about. As long as there is variety, one thing is as good as another. You like a well-stocked refrigerator, but find the task of cooking just too repetitive and tedious. Stimulants are your friend – cola, coffee, booze, sugar, cigarettes and an occasional drug or two. Of course, you are intelligent enough to know that these aren’t good for you, but, you aren’t about to give these up because someone tells you to. So why not include citrus fruits, carrots, green beans, celery, yogurt, nuts, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower to every meal? This will help to soothe the nervous system, and give your lungs and throat a much needed rest while you chew on this.


Right off the bat, let’s say this … your stomach loves the food, but often cannot digest it. You are a foodie, you love to eat, and you love to feed. Your culinary skills can often be impressive, but even when they are not, the love that you put into your cooking, makes the food taste so good. (And when it doesn’t, it’s prudent not to say this to the crab!) Stomach ailments are never too far away because you eat when you are nervous, you eat when you are happy, you eat when you are bored, you eat when you are excited…yup, you get the picture! You’re a great one for ‘comfort foods’. Stay away from the sweets, butter and cheese that you love, and anything that causes gas and gall stones. Eggs, fish, yogurt, paneer, oats, steamed vegetables, fruits and sushi are good for you. You are a great cook, so why not experiment with coconut sugar, almond flour, cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, and dairy free ice-cream?


I cannot say this enough – pay attention to the health of your heart. You like to eat like the king you believe you are, but you would benefit by developing an interest in the kitchen, so that you can rustle up some creative and healthy meals for yourself. You’d be good at this, trust me. Expensive restaurants, extravagant tastes, plenty of good wine – yes, these make a dramatic statement, but they your heart and liver don’t like them. Cut down on the carbs and rich food, and enjoy oats, rye bread, quinoa, citrus fruits, green vegetables, (you may hate broccoli but it’s good for you), salads, nuts, seeds, chicken breast and non-oily fish. Sounds boring? You are the master of creativity, Leo. Why not discover your skills in the kitchen?


Health-conscious, methodical, cautious Virgo, if you are binging, something is very, very wrong. You can be quite good in the kitchen, but you are so busy finding fault with things that you rarely enjoy what you do. Organic and environmentally friendly food, vegetarian or vegan diet, all of these attract you. You will be happy to hear that they are good for you because they do not stress your stomach and intestines, which are inherently weak areas. Avoid dairy products, and include more fibre in your diet. Eggs, fish, whole grains, cereals, sprouts, nuts, fruits, salads are excellent for you. Enjoy your chocolate and sweets, but let the Virgo caution stop you from going beyond a bite.

I will be back next fortnight with Part II of Feed Your Zodiac. Until then, be well and eat well.

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