Feed Your Zodiac - Part II

Feed Your Zodiac - Part II

Welcome back to the final part of the two-part article that looks at how our Zodiac signs influence the way we feel, think and behave around food. The first article looked at the first six signs. Here is an insight into the next six signs, and how they affect our food habits.


Let me put you in a charming, romantic setting, and I know you won’t be too concerned about the meal. Your inherent nature veers you towards a balanced diet, and when you binge, it’s only because you are unhappy, or unable to bring some part of your life into balance. You enjoy a drink, and can have a sweet tooth that makes you eat more of that dessert than you even want to. This is what you should avoid, as alcohol and sweets encourage mood swings and agitate your already delicate nervous system. Tobacco, stimulants and intoxicants sooner or later invite health problems. Learn more about alkaline foods like peas, beans, corn, spinach, brown rice, uncooked tomatoes, cucumber and fish, and include these in your diet. Vegetable juices are good for you, too, as they help flush out the kidneys, an inherently vulnerable area for Libra. Drink plenty of water.


You know exactly what you want, and you know exactly how to convince others that they want it too! You don’t like to experiment with food, and are happy with the tried and tested. You gorge on one thing, and then go for long periods without eating it at all. That’s Scorpio for you! Night binges are not uncommon at all, and neither is overeating. Carbs, fats, sweets, sugars, red meats, salted snacks, spices, strong flavours – you already know what I’m going to say – cut down their intake. These make your emotions even more intense. Don’t bite my head off when I ask you to eat vegetables, fruits, paneer, lentils, nuts and seeds. These will help you maintain greater control over your passionate nature. Less alcohol, Scorpio, and much, much more of that water.


Well, don’t you love to experiment?! You are easily bored, and your interest in food is kept alive by exotic delicacies and a variety of cuisines. You aren’t the one to be excessive, but you have been known to indulge more than just a little, from time to time. You would rather not eat, than eat bland and tasteless food. You enjoy a drink, and all the snacks and nibbles that go with it, and this often leads to obesity, digestive disorders and problems related to bones and joints. Chicken and fish are good for you, but don’t consume too much red meat. If you are a vegetarian, make sure you are getting enough protein, as this is very important for Sagittarius. You can pretty much eat everything if you go easy on the red meat, alcohol, refined sugar and salt.


‘Eat to live’ is the motto of the practical, down-to-earth Capricorn. You are often surprised by the attention given to food, and disapprove of large sums spent on it. This certainly does not mean that you shall be fine with a poorly cooked meal. No, Sir! Taste and quality are important, as are good ingredients; but a well-cooked home-cooked meal is preferred to fine dining. Strong flavours and spices are not appreciated, and sugar is not your particular craving. (The Capricorn does not crave food!) You like natural foods, and when you eat an imbalanced diet that consists of rich food or heavy spices, you are apt to get more sluggish than others. Calcium is important for you, as the inherent weakness of this sign is bones and teeth.


A humanitarian and a conservationist at heart, you understand the macro benefits of a vegetarian/vegan diet. Your tastes in food can be rather unpredictable, even though you are not very adventurous in your food choices. Blood sugar is something you must look out for, and you are best advised to avoid those sugary drinks and foods that call out to you. You take to alternative cooking easier than other signs, so try your hand at making your own health foods. Invest in a good alternative food cookbook. You will enjoy it, and, yes, you will help the planet.


You can be quite food obsessed, dear Pisces. Food is often your escape from addressing unpleasant issues. But, there is no one who would share their food with another in need quicker than you. You, more than any other sign, are prone to binging and addictions, and food and drink can make you fall into this trap very easily. Your body needs more water than others, so pay close attention to your water intake. Eat foods that enrich your blood, and are rich in iron and protein, like red meats, eggs, beetroots, spinach, cereals, whole-grains, dates and so on. Salt, refined flours, coffee and refined sugars are not easily digested by your system, and are often the cause of much bloating.

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