My First Cooking Achievement: Ananya Banerjee

My First Cooking Achievement: Ananya Banerjee

Ananya makes a much better omelette today!

I was around 13 years old when I was home alone. Being born in a family where I got all the privileges, I found myself in a situation when I had to enter the kitchen for the very first time. To be honest, I was excited and a little nervous thinking how that omelette will taste. Will it burn? Or will it be uncooked? Will the seasoning be overdone or turn out to be tasteless? Oh god, I had so many questions popping into my head while entering. These days, it’s easy for any kid to cook thanks to the Internet but that time there was no such technology. So guess what? I took a few eggs and it was really messed up but I managed somehow!

Then I ran towards my fridge and literally started raiding it. I took some coriander leaves and then found an onion lying somewhere. I really wanted to put tomatoes but unfortunately, couldn’t find them! This was a big task for me. I chopped the coriander and onion. Then I kept a pan on the flame and added lots of butter and added everything and topped them with seasoning. Impatient me was so excited that this was actually happening! And I finally managed to cook an omelette. Then was the time for tasting and I took a bite and closed my eyes tightly. Well, it was a success from my side! It tasted quite good - much better than what I expected. I gave a pat on my back and said “Darun”!

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