The First Time I Baked: Monika Manchanda

The First Time I Baked: Monika Manchanda

The first time I baked was probably when I was a little girl, 6 or 7 years old. I was sitting next to my mother while she told me how to assemble that tutti fruity cake and gave me step by step instructions. But I am not sure that counts as my first baking experience though probably it is one of my most cherished ones.

Anyway, many years later when I was a teenager, I baked a cake for my mother’s birthday. I was so proud of the cake but looking back I think it was just about okay. A bit dry, a tad too sweet and maybe a little burnt from the bottom!

All these were my young baking avatars. What I clearly remember is the first day of my commercial order. It was for a batch of cinnamon rolls that I had made countless number of times. But every time, it was family or friends who were going to eat them. But this time someone was paying money to buy them. Would they feel cheated or happy after they ate this?

I remember my hands slightly trembling while I rolled them but in the end, I had a tray of gorgeous looking cinnamon rolls. And I remember that I almost couldn’t breathe till the client sent me a message “OMG, they are delish!”. It was time to celebrate and trust myself more.

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