Here is our tribute to the tea brands that have become a daily essential

Here is our tribute to the tea brands that have become a daily essential

The go-to drink for your morning pick-me-up, the ideal way to drive away the mid-day slumber, the perfect hot drink at a get-together, our trusted cup of tea has become something like a blanket pick-me-up for all kinds of moods.

In India, chai is almost like religion. For most people, their days don't start without their glass of kadak chai. From being the appointed beverage to offer to home visitors to being the drink that goes best with the iconic Bombay rains — tea has gained a steady position in the lives of us Indians.

In India, tea drinking is like a religion In India, tea drinking is like a religion

Tea drinking itself has evolved in many ways, with every region making their own chai variants. There are roadside chaiwallahs making hundreds of steaming cups that connect all strata of society, and there are other gourmet stores that sell and serve fine Indian blends.

How did it come to India?

Tea was originally believed to be brought to India via the silk route, by caravans from Europe. The Camellia Sinensis plant, which is used to make most traditional caffeinated teas, including black, white, and oolong tea, is native to India. Camellia Sinensis was originally used for its medicinal properties and in vegetarian dishes and soups.

Iconic Indian tea brands

Tata Tea: This started out as a joint venture with UK based James Finlay. The roots of this iconic tea trace back to southern India and were first found on the Malabar Coast in Kerala.

Wagh Bakri: A brand of tea that has managed to make a name for itself in every Indian household, is one for the books. Shri Narandas Desai, founder of Wagh Bakri, owned over 500 acres of tea estates in South Africa. He was forced to leave from there because of racial discrimination. He then moved to Ahmedabad in India, and that's when the journey of Wagh Bakri began.

Brooke Bond was first founded by Arthur Brooke in England. Arthur started his first tea shop in India in 1869 and the company was named Brooke Bond with the combination of his last name and the word ''bond'', for the relationship he shared with his customers.

Society Tea was started in the small bustling lanes of Majid Bunder, Mumbai by Hiravan Pranjivan Das, a tea wholesaler back in 1924. Over the years, it started gaining its importance not only in the Maximum city of Mumbai but also in the state of Maharashtra.

The road ahead

With the way that the consumption of the drink has evolved, there are now not only the variety that pleases the tastebuds but also those special brews that come with a plethora of health benefits.

Kashmiri Kahwa for reducing stress

As the name suggests, this tea originated from the valleys of Kashmir. Rich in antioxidants, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It is a perfect blend of Cinnamon, Cardamon and Green Tea, count on kahwa to be the answer to all your worries!

Earl Grey for improved cardiovascular health

Earl grey contains antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular diseases and oxidative stress that can cause cell damage. Made with 100% natural ingredients and a dose of bergamot oil, this tea can be drunk hot or cold.

Chamomile green tea for a relaxed sleep

The secret to a good night's sleep is a hot cup of chamomile tea. A blend of green tea, dried chamomile leaves and lemongrass, this one will soothe your senses.

Hibiscus with beetroot for immunity building

A perfect amalgamation of Hibiscus, Beetroot, Lemongrass and Fennel seeds, this tea is rich in Vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants and is a great immunity booster.

Matcha tea for weight loss

Studies have provided strong evidence on matcha tea having accelerating effects on weight loss, reducing BMI and improving overall health.

Tarvene Shahpuri

Tarvene Shahpuri

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