7 Foods You Need To Master If You Have Anxiety

7 Foods You Need To Master If You Have Anxiety

Anxiety is a weird concept. You do not always understand it. You’re constantly worrying about things that you didn’t even know you should be worried about. Especially when it comes to food, you can have a difficult-to-understand kind of a moment which can get unexplainable for so many reasons (you become Hulk when such a situation arises)! Getting the drift? You definitely have your favourite go-to comfort food that helps you keep calm, something that reminds you of home, something that is easy to make and brings you warmth. But, choosing what to eat and what to call for when there are endless options available out there can become a stressful activity! Result: you end up making your 2-minutes noodles that gives you instant satisfaction & comfort you require. Let’s give these new dishes a try, shall we?

Here are 7 recipes you need to know how to make:

  1. Peanut Butter Noodles

No more 2 minutes instant Maggi noodle, let’s give peanut butter noodles a chance to become your favourite comfort food. Easy to make and super delicious to consume!

  1. White Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is always a good idea and can lift up your mood in a blink. Just thinking about it makes me want to try this special delight.

  1. Chocolate Mousse

Life gets better after just one bite of this yummy dessert. Chocolates and strawberries to the rescue! It's so easy to make that it requires only 4-5 ingredients!

  1. Vietnamese Prawn Pancakes

Tired of your usual pancakes and want to try something else? Try this healthy recipe and make it your favourite comfort food. Is the seafood lover in you salivating already?

  1. Aloo chat

What’s better than chat when you’re feeling down? It’s easy and quick to make and so tempting that it’s absolutely understandable if you don't want to share it with anyone!

  1. Marshmallow cupcakes

These soft, spongy cloud-like demons (no, actually they're angels but you can't just stop at one, can you?) on a cupcake is a revelation! Making this recipe makes you feel like a professional baker where the only possible result is a delicious cupcake

  1. Nutella French Toasts roll

Nutella is everyone’s favourite spread and is literally on a roll. You can never get enough of this.

Food plays a very important role in calming down your anxiety. So why not try and make these delicious recipes and make it your favourite comfort food?

Sakshi Chaturvedi

Sakshi Chaturvedi

A recent film making graduate. Sakshi is a lover of films, tv shows, and self-care aesthetic. When she is not napping and petting dogs, she is making memes and oversharing on social media. She keeps up with the latest trends and knows what's "in" fashion. If you have any pop culture query and you want to know what is a Kardashian, come to her.

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