Food Forecast: August 6-12

Food Forecast: August 6-12

Gear up for a great week ahead; a week of love, friendship, creativity and passion. Let’s start with some great news…chocolate is in!

Melt some organic dark chocolate in a double boiler. Now add honey, nuts and some homemade sweetened yogurt to the melted chocolate and indulge in this instant gooey chocolate dessert! (P.S. Chocolate with dairy or with grains are out, so chocolate cake and chocolate ice-cream are still off the menu.)

With the Moon travelling from Gemini to Virgo, and Venus finding her romance in Libra, the new moon in Leo that comes together with the solar eclipse on Aug. 11th, promises to add a new dynamic energy. The fiesta continues with protein-rich foods. Crack eggs over roasted tomatoes, season well, and top with paprika, parsley, spring onions and chives. Bake for a few minutes, and serve with baked potatoes. This makes a great meal at any time of the day. You can replace eggs with fish fillets or chicken supreme.

For those who enjoy a hit of spice, pig out on mouth-tingling Thai curry, Kerala spicy chicken, lamb vindaloo, or a good ole fish patia cooked by your favourite Parsi friend. Yes, you could even indulge in a bottle of wine. Jazz up that salad with citrus vinaigrette, blue cheese or maple balsamic dressing. When all this goodness is shared with friends, or that special someone, the energy around the table can only elevate you. Reach for that star that has your name on it!

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