Food Forecast: July 16 - 22

Food Forecast: July 16 - 22

Organic fruits and vegetables are the way to go this week. But so are baked eggs and organic chocolate. Read on for this week's Food Forecast.

What do we eat? How is it grown? Where is it grown? Unknowingly, we are taking in a lot of preservatives by buying ready meals off the shelf. This is a prime cause for many problems like high blood pressure, PCOD, migraines, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

With Virgo playing a very significant role, and the Sun edging towards Leo, we are pushed to reclaim our power over what we eat, and to eat fresh foods. Our ancestors had no gluten allergies because they ate chakki-fresh atta. When this flour is packaged, it necessarily needs to be ‘enhanced’ by bleach, and preservatives to gives it a longer shelf life. This week, gently make the shift back to the good old chakki.

Organic fruits and vegetables are the way to go, and Virgo and Leo urge you to make this into a permanent shift. Farm to plate is truly the best way to eat. Why not learn to grow your own vegetables, even if all you can make space for is a window box? Eggs are a healthy protein for this week. Prepare them in any manner you like, pairing them with roasted vegetables.

If you crave chocolate, this is the week you can learn to make your own, using cacao, raw honey and nuts. And who doesn’t enjoy a plate of French fries? Here is a great option – sweet potato chips that are lightly fried in olive oil and then cooked to a crisp in the oven. Add chaat masala to this, and your palate shall beg for more! Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods – instead eat these in moderation, and find healthy and tasty alternatives.

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