Food Forecast: July 2 - 8

Food Forecast: July 2 - 8

With Sun in Cancer, Mercury and Venus in Leo, and Moon travelling from Pisces through Gemini, this is the week for romance, fun conversations and happy living! When you add lip-smacking food to this, what you get is a life-sized bowl of sheer exuberance. Eat right so that your energies sparkle, and a content tummy adds an extra bounce to your step. The good news is that eating right is particularly easy this week.

Craving for that bowl of Mac n Cheese? Or freshly baked lasagna? Well, this is the week to indulge. Wash your carb heavy meals with a refreshing lemongrass and ginger tea.

If it’s seafood, caviar and wine that have been calling out to you, don’t hold back!

Curries with jasmine rice, and vegetables or meats cooked in fragrant spices will sit easily in your tummy this week. Just make sure you don’t match them with oily appetisers or large quantities of bread. Sweeten your day with a delicious dark chocolate, but stay away from dairy rich desserts.

Start your day with poached eggs topped with tzatziki, roasted tomato, and a small bowl of oats and fruit with almond milk. This happy meal is guaranteed to keep you smiling until lunchtime. Keep that brain active through the day by nibbling on walnuts and almonds, and as night falls, step into your dancing shoes, and shine brighter than those disco lights.

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