Food Forecast: July 23 - 29

Food Forecast: July 23 - 29

Let us celebrate this week with a lavish spread! The Sun has entered into Leo, a sign where it seems to shine the brightest, and spices, curries, stews, casseroles, all go so well with the energy of the Sun in Leo.

Be creative with your food choices, and have fun in your kitchen. The food mantra this week could easily be ‘Go big, or go home’. Avoid saturated fats and discover the dynamic properties of cow ghee and coconut oil. You will desire something chatpata this week. Go to town with your fill of bhel puri and pani puri and delicious yet healthy air-fried samosas.

Don’t forget presentation, as we eat with our eyes as well. Decorate your table with fresh flowers and aromatic candles, and share your meals with those who bring sunshine into your life. This is the week to bring out that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special day.

Venus in Virgo balances the over-the-top Leo, and asks for one daily meal of salad and light organic foods. Enjoy golden kiwis, sun melons, palm fruits, saffron lassi, nimbu pani, green tea and coconut water.

Mercury goes retrograde in Leo this week, and remains this way till mid-August. This is the time to write your own food story, and to stop giving into peer pressure. Be aware of who is telling you what and why, and listen more to your body than to others. Discover how easy it is to eat tasty and healthy. Laugh as you eat, and you shall not need those medicines.

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