Food Forecast July 9 – 15

Food Forecast July 9 – 15

Wow, what a show the heavens are putting up for us this week! With four planets going retrograde, Jupiter expanding our space of heavenly gifts, and Moon and Venus bringing about a much-needed balance of head and heart, this week encourages you to spend some quality time with your self, as you look in, and look back. Feed your soul, and love who you are over a bowl of steaming chicken broth, or cream of tomato soup. Go easy on that garlic bread, though.

Periods of deep reflection are being brought to us by the planets so that we might break new ground in the weeks to come. But for the moment, let us meditate a little to release the tension, and unwind over potato salad, stir-fried vegetables, and sacks full of organic greens and fruits. It’s best to avoid sweet and fatty foods this week. Make dinner a light meal so it brings you renewed energy for the following day.

Be ready to receive some happy surprises, and as you smile about that stroke of luck, enjoy a cheese and fruit board while sipping on a glass of your favourite bubbly. Snuggle down with the book you’ve been promising yourself to read, or watch your favourite show, keeping that small bowl of popcorn and large bowl of makhana well within your reach. Stay light, and treat yourself right.

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