Foods That Should Be Part Of Your Monsoon Diet

Foods That Should Be Part Of Your Monsoon Diet

monsoon, healthy, green tea, indian food, healthy Sip on some green tea this monsoon.

With the monsoon finally here, hot plates of samosa, pakora and chola bhatura are what our hearts desire. But as much as these delights are comforting and easy on the taste buds, they might not be a good idea considering the unfavourable weather.

So even though the road side chaats and kachoris are inviting enough, stock up on these monsoon friendly foods for a healthier you.

Bitter Gourd

Now this might not be a preferred monsoon food for most people, but it can’t be all pretty and perfect all the time, can it now? As much as we are repulsed by this green veggie, it should actually be on top of our list. With its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibiotic qualities, this is the only medicine you will need to deal with the monsoon sicknesses.


Right from flavouring curries to adding it to dips and pastas, garlic is a favoured spice around the world. From purifying the blood to building immunity and even protecting your skin and hair, it’s a wonder food for during the monsoon. So make sure to say yes to everything garlic for the next few months.

Green Tea

A hot cup of chai during the monsoon is what our desi dreams are made of, but how about ditching the cutting chai and sipping on some green tea instead? This bitter cup of green goodness helps with brain function and facilitates fat loss, two things we absolutely need with monsoon making us lazier than usual. So, brew yourself a nice organic green tea while you watch the rain pour from your window.

Chicken Soup

With cold and flu being quite a regular ordeal during the monsoon, chicken soup is an absolute necessity. A comfort food, just a hot bowl of this delicious soup helps to keep the flu at bay and nourishes your body, helping it deal with the monsoon a lot better. Goodbye sniffles, we say.


As much as we love to crown our pancakes and smoothies with these beautiful little fruits, they are a lot more than just being pretty. Filled with antioxidants, berries help fight chronic diseases and make your immune system stronger. A handful of berries a day keeps all the diseases away.


An Indian mother’s favourite spice, turmeric has been an important part of our diet. From flavouring our curries to the haldi doodh we all ran away from, haldi is an important part of the Indian pantry. With anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties, turmeric is an ideal monsoon food as it keeps away all the diseases and helps the body stay protected. Time to gulp down the haldi doodh.

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