What if Foods Went the #Padmavat Way?

What if Foods Went the #Padmavat Way?

We're glad that Padmavat is finally releasing, but the missing 'i' has made us reflect on the importance of this little letter. Freud would probably say that the film has lost its identity with its last alphabet but considering that sixteenth-century poet Malik Muhammad Jaisi titled his work 'Padmavat', the title still makes sense.

Movies can drop a letter and it's no biggie. But what if foods had to go the #Padmavat way? We at India Food Network, decided to do a little experiment with our favourite dishes.

  1. Kachori to Kachor

It has a ring to it…though it sounds like a type of chor!

  1. Bhurji to Bhurj

Not intending to get into intellectual property issues with Burj Khalifa.

  1. Barfi to Barf

Ice ice baby!

  1. Panipuri to Panipur

Pretty sure that’s a town somewhere in India.

  1. Kaju Katli to Kaju Katl

Uh oh, that seems to have ended in murder.

  1. Roti to Rot

Eeks, who wants to eat that?!

  1. Idli to Idl

Ok, we can’t even pronounce that.

  1. Jalebi to Jaleb

Sounds uncomfortably close to the Hindi word for trouble in the loo.

  1. Rasmalai to Rasmala

A garland of milk sweets, anyone?

  1. Sushi to Sush

We decided to include a non-Indian item because we love Sush (Sushmita Sen) so much!

Have any other suggestions you'd like to add? Tweet to us with #ifnpadmavat!

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