Foods You Should Eat This Winter

Foods You Should Eat This Winter

The chilly winter weather makes me want to curl up in bed and just laze around. The dip in the temperature makes me want to ditch the gym and have some hot chocolate. I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way. But unfortunately a change in the weather isn’t a good excuse to eat unhealthy.

The truth is that the weather affects your body’s energy level and metabolism. Which means that in winter as well, there are foods that are better for your body. We have all heard our grandmothers telling us to eat seasonal foods. So here is a list of winter foods that your body will benefit from.


Til ladoos are characteristic of Indian winters. Come winter, most grandmothers make Til (sesame) and jaggery ladoos. In Maharashtra it is a tradition to make Til Ladoos during Sankrant. Proving yet again that ‘your grandmother knows best’, Sesame is ideal for winter consumption. Til is loaded with iron and calcium and is perfect to keep you warm during winter. Add it in your food or make Ladoos and Chikkis, its nutty taste won’t disappoint.

Sesame is ideal for winter consumption

Root Vegetables

It is no secret that winter is the time when markets, are flooded with the most variety of vegetables. The season offers the freshest vegetables, which makes it the ideal time to consume root vegetables like carrots, beets and radish. Packed with beta- carotene and essential vitamins, root vegetables keep the body warm for a long time. While Gajar ka halwa or Muli ke parathe sounds tempting but carrot and beet soup maybe an equally delicious option.


A powerhouse of energy eggs are ideal for consumption during any season. But during winters eggs are an excellent winter food option. They provide the necessary protein while being rich source of good fat. Eggs will keep you full longer and provide sustenance on long winter days

Eggs will keep you full longer and provide sustenance on long winter days


Indian Gooseberry or Amla is the ideal winter snack to munch on. Perfectly sour, with a slight hint of sweet , this fruit should ideally be called a super fruit. Rich in anti- oxidants and vitamin C, Amla boosts your immune system. Apart from this, Amla is good for digestion, liver, skin, and hair. Making a Chutney or Muramba would be a fun way to incorporate this fruit into your diet.

Garlic is essential for a healthy heart


A complete crowd please Garlic is essential for a healthy heart. Winter affects the functioning of the heart and blood pressure. Garlic plays an important role in regulating these. Be it winter or summer, eating more garlic doesn’t need a special reason but it’s proper for winter as it is great for the blood flow. Now this doesn’t mean that you are free to gobble garlic bread. You can benefit by simply increasing the amount of garlic in your daily diet.

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