Fun Food Trivia: Macarons vs Macaroons

Fun Food Trivia: Macarons vs Macaroons

How many times have you walked into a patisserie and asked for a box of "macaroons" while pointing out to those small colourful cookies filled with ganache? More than you can even remember, right?

On the occasion of world macaroon day today, we decided to clear up the confusion between macaroons and macarons

The little cookie that dominates our Insta feeds looking all bright and colourful is the Macaron cookie (pronounced as Mah-cah-ron), whereas Macaroons (pronounced as Mah-cah-roons) are little coconut and nut-based cookies that are piped through a star nozzle and are topped with toasted coconuts.

Macarons are mainly meringue-based cookies that are sandwiched with a filling in between, and are a lot more delicate and chewy, whereas Macaroons are nut-based and are primarily coconut-flavoured cookies that are dense and crunchy.

When you think of macarons, the first thing that comes to the mind is elegance. They also need to be prepared with much care and precision whereas macaroons are homemade comfort that most people associate as their childhood favourites.

Either way, both these sweet treats are classics and now that you know so much about them, go show off your newly found food knowledge to everyone around you!

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