Fun Food Trivia: Pulao vs Biryani

Fun Food Trivia: Pulao vs Biryani

indian food, indian recipes, biryani, pulao, easy indian recipes, food facts, quick recipes A biryani is layered, while a pulao isn't.

When sitting at the dinner table at any family function and chattering about the intricacies of life, mainly of others, the topic of food is quite inevitable.

With biryani being such a crowd favourite, it does end up being a topic of conversation more often than not, and is usually being compared to pulao and how different or similar the two really are.

So let’s clear up the confusion once and for all, shall we?

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To begin with, the difference is in how both these dishes are cooked, their preparation, flavour and the layers added.

Cooking it right:

While pulao is mainly cooked with meats, veggies and rice thrown in together along with some broth, whereas in a biryani all the elements are partly cooked before they are put together and cooked further.

To layer or not to layer:

A biryani is layered. The meats and veggies are layered with rice, while in a pulao everything is thrown in together without layering of any kind.

About the spices:

Also, a lot more spices are used in a biryani as compared to a pulao, which makes it more extravagant and flavourful.

Who's got the time:

Lastly, pulao is less time consuming and easier to prepare as compared to the good ol’ biryani.

So, while gaining knowledge on your food is great, but eating it is even better. And now that you know the main difference between the two, stop bickering and get yourself a plate of each.

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