Eat Authentic Iyengar Food At This Pet-Friendly Brunch In Mumbai

Eat Authentic Iyengar Food At This Pet-Friendly Brunch In Mumbai

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Walk into this brunch and be welcomed by a furry four-legged friend!

Yes, you read that right. When home chef Nithya opens the doors to her house for an authentic Iyengar brunch from the Tamil Brahmin community, expect to be greeted by her pet dog Duke.

If the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Iyengar food is goodies from Iyengar bakery, you must sign up for Nithya's brunch. The reason being you can treat yourself to some traditional food of the community beyond cakes and biscuits.

Simplicity is the key to make a good Iyengar meal and home chef Nithya’s menu will do just that. From Panakkam, a cold drink made of jaggery, dry ginger powder, pepper, coarsely ground cardamom, lemon juice and water to tamarind rice, sambhar, rasam, idlis and vadais and Mysore pak, this brunch menu has it all. Wash it down with filter kaapi we say.

What: Pet-friendly Iyengar brunch

When: November 27, 11 am onwards

Where: Parel East

Price: Rs. 500 per person.

For more info, click here.

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