Get High on Monk-Made Beer at Woodside Inn, Mumbai

Get High on Monk-Made Beer at Woodside Inn, Mumbai

Far away in the Belgian province of Hainaut, lies a Trappist monastery that produces world-class ales and a weaker patersbier, offered to the monks on festive occasions. Who said monks can have no fun?

Picture courtesy: Woodside Inn on Twitter

And starting this year, Woodside Inn outlets in Colaba and Andheri have begun serving this haloed beer from the Chimay Brewery, founded 155 years ago at the Scourmont Abbey.

Chimay, which is among 11 Trappist beers in the world, entered India late last year along with another Belgian beer brand called Delirium. Both brands are now available at Woodside Inn in Mumbai.

The retail price for a pint of Chimay is Rs 550, which makes it pretty expensive. But given its foamy richness unrivalled by any other beer, it might be worth the occasional indulgence.

Beer lovers can choose between two variants at Woodside Inn. Chimay Gold is a light blond ale, with an alcohol content of 4.8% while Chimay Red is headier, with 7% alcohol and a beautiful coppery colour.

According to a PTI report, Chimay and Delirium beers will also be sold at The Beer Cafe outlets. The Delirium variants include Delirium Tremens, a blond ale and Delirium Nocturnum, a dark ale - both with with 8% alcohol.

Expensive or not, we think it would be another level of cool to trip on beer brewed by monks in a Belgian monastery. If you've tried these beers, give us your feedback on Facebook or Twitter!

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