Get Your Regional Food Fix With These Online Food Delivery Services In Mumbai

Get Your Regional Food Fix With These Online Food Delivery Services In Mumbai

indian food, indian recipes, online food delivery, food Order homely Parsi food from the Bawi Bride kitchen. Photo via TBB website.

Gone are the days when one would spend hours in the kitchen cooking their favourite dishes and trying out new ones from across the country. With busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, it is close to impossible to spend more than an hour a day to whip up a quick meal. Do we echo your thoughts?

Now, fast food is great but what does one do when temptation for a hearty home-cooked meal strikes with absolutely no time to make it? And that too when they are regional delicacies. In this case, online food delivery services are a true saviour.

The good news is that the best of homemade regional dishes can now be delivered at your doorstep by a click of a mouse. Here are our favourite places to order regional Indian food in Mumbai.

Parsi food @ The Bawi Bride

Think Parsi food, and lagan nu custard and dhansak are the first ones to pop in our mind. But, Perzen Patel did not give up her day job to serve the usual stuff. The Bawi Bride wanted change, and so she started catering more than the custards and dhansak! Get your Parsi food fix with some fabulous dishes like Parsi chicken cutlets, mutton pulao dal, red prawn curry and much more, all with the help of a call thanks to the Bawi Bride.

You can order from the Bawi Bride here.

Punjabi food @ Oye Panjabi

When chicken tandoori and seekh kebabs are what you want, Oye Panjabi is who you call. Everything right from tandoori roti to creamy kaali dals, kadhai paneer and murgh makhani, the choice is endless. The rich and meaty biryani is a must-eat if you are a fan of this controversial dish. But order only between 11.30 am and 3.30pm or 7 pm and 11.30 pm, or else your call might just go to voicemail!

You can order from Oye Panjabi by calling 70454 57071 or 704545707.

indian food, indian recipes, online food delivery, food Kheema samosas at The Bohri Kitchen.

Bohri food @ The Bohri Kitchen

What started off as Nafisa Kapadia's weekend project, has now expanded into a full-fledged food delivery service dishing out some of the best Bohri food in the city. Everything from the smoked kheema samosas and 2-day marinated raan to the generous thaal in a box and dum biryani, everything is a hit. Make sure to give a day or two to enjoy their top-selling dishes.

You can order from The Bohri Kitchen here.

Bengali and Goan food @ The Curry Brothers

What happens when a Goan and a Bengali set up a kitchen together? The result is an amazing selection of dishes from two diverse states under one roof. The 'brothers' - Joshua D’Souza and Auroni Mookerjee - make sure their kitchen has a good mix of meats and veggies cooked in curries from both Goan and Bengali cuisines. Order a succulent pork vindaloo, prawn moilee or aloo-r dum or kosha mangsho, and you are bound to call them again for more.

You can order from The Curry Brothers by calling 022-6504 4424.

Sindhi food @ Sindhful

While the Sindhi sai bhaji, koki or kadhi are the few dishes that most of find in the dabbas of our Sindhi friends, there is a lot more this cuisine has to offer. Something as simple as a Bhindi Basar to a very delicious Sindhi mutton curry or Dal Pakwan, the best Sindhi dishes can be ordered from Khar-based Sindhful. And the best part is that these rare dishes are just a click away.

You can order from Sindhful here.

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