Go Beyond Kanda Bhajiya!

Go Beyond Kanda Bhajiya!

It is time to break up with kanda bhajiyas! The crunchy onion pakoras have been a firm friend through many a monsoon, but this year why don’t you give these healthy, fried alternatives a chance?

Rajma Pakoras

Rajma Pakora

Kidney beans are full of fibre and help boost our digestive system. All you have to do is boil 100 grams of rajma, mash them up, add your favourite spices and work the mixture into round balls. Coat it with panko, bread crumbs or tortilla chip crumbs for that extra crunch! Deep fry until golden brown and enjoy with a cup of chai.

Moong Dal Samosas

For those of you who like to keep your diet light, lentils are what you need to add to your meals. We love the idea of garma garam samosas in this wet climate! Quick and easy to make check out our Chef Pallavi Nigam’s crispy Mini Moong Dal Samosa recipe.

Aloo and Dal Tikki

A delicious pulse that also helps lower cholesterol, chana dal is a healthy ingredient for your tikki cravings. Soak and boil 100 grams of chana dal. Toss together chopped onions, pepper and salt with the boiled dal. Now boil and mash 3-4 potatoes, add breadcrumbs, salt and pepper to make the aloo mixture. Use this to wrap chunks of the dal masala and shape into flat rounds. Shallow fry and enjoy!

Karela Pakora


Although not favoured by many, Bitter Gourd is a great source of nutrients like Iron and Vitamin C. Tone down that extra bitterness from the gourd using salt water! It's simple, scoop out the bitter melon and soak the gourd in salt water for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, to prepare the Besan batter; mix together besan, turmeric, chilli powder, salt and water as required. Squeeze out the extra salt water from the soaked gourd and we're good to go. Now slice the gourd into any shape of your choice and dunk them into the smooth besan batter. Fry them in hot oil and your crispy Karela pakoras are ready.

Chicken Pakora

We know you’ve been braving harsh rains and more puddles than anyone should have to deal with. Think of this chicken pakora as your prize for being such a monsoon champ! Dip boneless pieces of chicken into a batter of rice flour or gram flour, finely chopped green chillies, salt & pepper and water. Keep aside for half an hour and then fry on a medium heat. Dig into these succulent chicken pakoras right away!

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